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To all the Strong,Talented & Passionate Women

who want to create an impact on the world.

The “W'' in the Wecommerce venture represents women in e-commerce. Wecommerce is a 1-year program for all women entrepreneurs who sell retail products using digital mediums.

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Ladies,Pop-up your hidden talents

by joining the Wecommerce campaign

The motivation behind this venture is to empower women, by amplifying the voices of women that are involved in all kinds of struggles of life.

  • Amplyfing women voices
  • Digitize your conventional stores
  • Enhance your products reach

Made up your mind, But don’t want to commit financially?

You are in luck. WECOMMERCE offers a free website

Women in e-commerce provides effortless e-commerce for all women entrepreneurs in Pakistan who are selling retail products using digital mediums. Simply put, through this campaign, women business leaders who are selling goods through any social media channel will be offered a website Free, which includes design, setup, and monthly maintenance of the store for 12 months.


Why should you choose Wecommerce?

Build loyal clientele without brick & mortar shop

In past, there were multiple barriers i.e you couldn't get a brick and mortar shop to display your product or you couldn't build a loyal clientele.

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Wecommerce has solved these issues. You can now glide past these obstacles by Wecommerce. Economies thrive when women do well.

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Start selling your talent from your kitchen/drawing room

That’s the beauty of Wecommerce. You can start a business from your drawing room or your kitchen and cater to as many customers as you want to.

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